Faith in Family

Doug and his wife Anne are Hill Country born and raised. The two have been happily married for over 35 years and have two children Douglas and Amanda. Miller is a 1972 graduate of New Braunfels Canyon High School and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement from Texas State University in 1976.

Love in God

Doug and Anne Miller are dedicated Christians and attend church in New Braunfels.

Illegal Immigration

This session, Miller was instrumental in working to secure the Texas border. He coauthored and passed groundbreaking legislation that invested $800 million in vital new technology and 250 additional troopers needed to keep our families safe from drug cartels, gang violence, and human traffickers.

“Everyone in Texas knows that illegal immigration is a crisis. While they talk, our hospitals and schools are overburdened. And violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants are on the rise. As a former law enforcement officer, I understand the problem. It is time to build the fence, lock down the border and enforce the immigration laws.”


Every child deserves the best quality education. But the State Legislature is making it hard on parents, teachers and local schools. Miller has voted to end the TAKS test so teachers can teach again and children can learn to think for themselves. Miller is committed to reducing state mandates and letting teachers and parents have more say over what our children learn. He supports prayer in schools, accountability for school administrators and favors allowing schools to permanently expel the most disruptive students.

Lower Taxes & More Local Control

As Chairman of the House Committee On Special Purpose Districts, Miller provided crucial conservative leadership in passing a balanced budget and a historic $3.8 billion property and franchise tax cut package for Texas families and job creators.

“As a strong fiscal conservative, I will always vote to lower property taxes and cut reckless government spending. And I will fight for more local control because we know how best to educate our children, run our businesses and spend our money – not the government bureaucrats in Austin.”

2nd Amendment

An unwavering protector of 2nd amendment rights, Miller was a strong supporter of the landmark legislation that allows for the open carry of handguns by licensed individuals. Miller’s commitment to 2nd amendment rights has earned him the past distinction of being ‘A’ Rated by both the NRA and TSRA.

Sexual Predators

Most parents assume that Texas is doing everything it can to protect our children from sexual predators. But we must continue to fight for more. Guns and drugs must be kept a certain distance from public schools, but a child sex offender just off parole can live right next door. This must end. Miller supports legislation to require sex offenders to live at least 1500 feet from schools and daycare centers and wants all convicted child molesters to wear GPS tracking devices for the rest of their lives.

Property Rights

As a strong pro property rights conservative, Miller knows that when it comes to issues like the Trans-Texas Corridor and other major transportation projects, we must fight to require local approval before any project is undertaken. Doug Miller knows that we cannot allow government bureaucrats to tell us what is best for our community.

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